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These are my Go to Clips for volume

Black Orchid diffuser
I was amazed at the price of this (so inexpensive). I was even more amazed at how well it works, and how beautifully it's packaged. You can rack up quite a tab when you're acquiring all the things for curls, and having this price point with this quality as an option is hella legit. 

Lollipop Style Dryer Diffuser - if you want it from amazon

Bedhead Curlipop Diffuser

Deep dish diffuser
this has been my ride or die since 2009. 

Shower Filter might change your life
if you don't own a shower filter, please get one right meow. it can remove almost all of the chlorine and all of the other minerals out of your water before it hits your hair. if you don't see a difference after using it, i mean, you will. you just will. Why are you still even reading this? 

Best Spray Gel for WAVY/SWAVY hair
if you are looking to help encourage your curls, you know the struggle is oh, so real. this stuff works. like, really works. it will dry…

My favorite diffuser and dryer for curly hair

Full Of Hot Air  my diffuser shopping list

My absolute favorite Diffuser - fits on most dryers, including the Deva Dryer. This diffuser really helps encourage curl. I've been using this one forever and always go  back to it! I also Love their dryer and have been using it for years. VIP members can see my full dryer review on the member site! I also give my seal of approval to all of the dryers pictured below - they are ones I have personally used. 

The links below are to amazon - I am an amazon affiliate, which means that if you purchase one of them I will get a small %, and it doesn't change the price for you. When I discovered I could do this, i jumped on it because i literally write reviews and link to amazon all the time anyway. 

The Deva Dryer is great for lifting/drying the root and scalp area, I prefer the solano diffuser attachment to encouraging curl at the ends. I don't feel like the devafuser is the best way to encourage curls for sway/wavy - it helps but …

Top Devacurl Product pics from a Veteran Curly Hair Stylist

My Devacurl Faves - From a Curly Hair Expert

Excuse how basic this post looks, please.

Here are links to all my faves - I will have commentary and info posted soon, but I promised I would post these for those of you who have been asking!  I've created an amazon affiliate account, so when you buy through these links, it's still the same low price for you and I get a small % as an affiliate. I'm cool with this, and I hope you are as well. <3 emoji.="" face="" five="" high="" kiss="" nbsp="" p="">

Frizz free Volumizing Foam - it's not cho mamma's mousse. :D

I also like Devacurl Supercream - I will post a video shorty explaining WTF is actually is, because, ladies, I hear you. This has been referred to as the mystery product of the century bc I've been hearing people tell me that no one is giving them a good explanation of what it actually does, other than that they should buy it.

The Decad…

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask - a new fave!

Here is the carbonated clay mask I used in the fb live video. I (and my kids) adore it.

"Packed with Charcoal Powder, this quirky carbonated mask cleanses, exfoliates, and unclogs pores. It bubbles as it sloughs off dead skin cells and lifts pore-clogging dirt and sebum. Its powerful nutrients also replenish the skin, softening and smoothing for a youthful glow."

If you watch the video you'll see I mention my friend originally purchased these products for me as a gift and I fell in love with them. It was interesting because I would have been skeptical of these products, not only because of the price (so much lower than I get even professional products at wholesale price) and because they're not technically "professional" (i.e dermologica, etc). She shared with me some of the information she had from her research, I did my own as well, and then another friend, who is a licensed esthetician recently told me she'd just ordered these products because her own …

Top Six Ouidad Picks by Florida's Curly Hair Expert

Curl Envy Starter Pack

Remember, these suggestions are based on my salon experiences and feedback from my clientele -

My number one selling brand, by a country mile, is Ouidad.  Why? Simply put, it's easy to use and easiest to get the best results, longest lasting styles, and least frizz - even for those of you who are challenged when it comes to styling your curls at home. Ouidad Climate Control gel is a humidity slaying beast that has literally changed lives. If I could only use ONE gel, for forever, it would be Climate Control. My personal favorite is Curl Quencher Gel - try both and pick a favorite - or blend them!

Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil is becoming my new gospel in cleanser. About 70% of my current clients are using it.  I am seeing increased color vibrancy retention - and color clients who are using it come back with the least fading, and the best softness and shine. Infused with watermelon seed oil that both moisturize the scalp, and gently pull away any excess sebu…

Guide to a (Virtually) Endless Summer Part ONE: How to Look Sun Kissed Without Looking Leathery, Dried Up and Gross

Summer is in full on bitch mode - and we're looking at 3 more months of it in Florida. Today, we're going to talk specifically how the sun can act like a basic bitch who wants to ruin your life.

In typical mean girl fashion, the sun will want to be your friend. But, just like an average  insecure hater, she's going to try to destroy you at some point. Here's how to make the sun your bitch so you don't end up looking like a Bad Grandpa version of Snooki who stuck a fork in a toaster.


If it's not spf 15, don't even bother. Just enjoy you skin problems. If you don't think anything I say is relevant to you, or think I'm just pulling facts out of my ass,  read more about understanding sunscreen. Head on over to  I'm only here to help those who want to help themselves. I'm not into the unsolicited advice thing.

Skin damage can be super ugly, and sometimes it's just a refection of the a…