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Top Six Ouidad Picks by Florida's Curly Hair Expert

Curl Envy Starter Pack

Remember, these suggestions are based on my salon experiences and feedback from my clientele -

My number one selling brand, by a country mile, is Ouidad.  Why? Simply put, it's easy to use and easiest to get the best results, longest lasting styles, and least frizz - even for those of you who are challenged when it comes to styling your curls at home. Ouidad Climate Control gel is a humidity slaying beast that has literally changed lives. If I could only use ONE gel, for forever, it would be Climate Control. My personal favorite is Curl Quencher Gel - try both and pick a favorite - or blend them!

Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil is becoming my new gospel in cleanser. About 70% of my current clients are using it.  I am seeing increased color vibrancy retention - and color clients who are using it come back with the least fading, and the best softness and shine. Infused with watermelon seed oil that both moisturize the scalp, and gently pull away any excess sebu…

Guide to a (Virtually) Endless Summer Part ONE: How to Look Sun Kissed Without Looking Leathery, Dried Up and Gross

Summer is in full on bitch mode - and we're looking at 3 more months of it in Florida. Today, we're going to talk specifically how the sun can act like a basic bitch who wants to ruin your life.

In typical mean girl fashion, the sun will want to be your friend. But, just like an average  insecure hater, she's going to try to destroy you at some point. Here's how to make the sun your bitch so you don't end up looking like a Bad Grandpa version of Snooki who stuck a fork in a toaster.


If it's not spf 15, don't even bother. Just enjoy you skin problems. If you don't think anything I say is relevant to you, or think I'm just pulling facts out of my ass,  read more about understanding sunscreen. Head on over to  I'm only here to help those who want to help themselves. I'm not into the unsolicited advice thing.

Skin damage can be super ugly, and sometimes it's just a refection of the a…

How humidity is not-so-secretly fucking with your hair happiness behind your back - and how to tell it to bite you.

I received an email from a client last week that was both desperate and wildly comical.

She had her new routine down when she was home in Tampa, but traveling to places with such different climates had her wondering why her curls would look perfect one day and wild the next. Here is an excerpt from her email about some of the issues she's been having with her curls being unpredicatble depending what city she is in.  Have I mentioned how funny she is? 
"Help. My hair is acting like it secretely hates me. It goes from Pro to Bro and slides into basic bitch without warning.  Not sure what I did to it other than love it and care about it and want to see it happy. Was it all the years of the flat iron?  It's so hot and then cold - nice and curly one day to my face and then it just acts like a shit talking bitch as soon as I turn around and frizzes for no reason. Is my hair secretly jealous that I'm happy and doing my own thing? Did it want to see me fail? Does it want to…

Devacurl Supercream Review, Info,, and Styling Tips

Devacurl launched the new Supercream  in June.  I was slightly hesitant, but I'm really liking it. It has a HEAVENLY coconut scent, but it's not overpowering - not overly tropical and in-your-face. One of my clients said it reminded her of amaretto.

Above pic is the supercream on high density, low porosity 3b type curls. Less is more. I emulsified about a dime size in my hands and then raked, squeezed and scrunched it into medium sized sections on very wet hair.  Final scrunch with a paper towel. About 5 pumps for her whole head. It dried very soft, but with great definition - and it was still good the next morning. 

I've been using it as a leave in, "filler" and then adding gel, but not as much as I usually use with my go to leave in, Ouidad Moisture Lock.  The results are similar, but way less Supercream is needed.

I'll update this with more results and more feedback as I receive it!  So far, so good! I would definitely suggest it for anyone with 2c and abo…

Plunking 2.0

It's been a while since I posted about plunking, and a lot has changed since my post almost 5 years ago!!! Throwback Thursday Plunking Post HERE.  Fast forward to 2015. Enter my TRIBE.

The lovely Brianna Prince of Brianna Prince Salon, and Plopping 2.0!!!! Plop It Like it's HOT
I love this super helpful video she made about all the best way to plop your hair!  Watch the video and read her blog post HERE.

Apple Cinder Vinegar Rinse for any Hair Type

Naturally Curly Hair by The Curl Girl

You can keep your long hair!

Bye Felicia, I mean, Bye Keratin

Don't believe me? Just watch! Your perfect curls are waiting to be disco...

Naturally curly hair - beauty queen style The Curl Girl

Too Hot Copper Red by the curl girl

Shake that masterpiece! Naturally curly hair by The Curl Girl

Getting rid of more keratin - have I mentioned I loathe keratin?

The Curl GIrl Tampa, Fl Florida's Curly Hair Expert Keratin Removal - Curl Restoration  Florida's All Curly Salon Ouidad, Devacurl

Long to Short!

The Curl Girl - Tampa Fl Florida's Curly Hair Expert Florida's Curly Hair Salon Ouidad, Devacurl

Curls Lovin

Growing Out A Keratin Treatment