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coconut oil treatment & apple cider vinegar rinse for curly hair

I'm a little obsessed with coconut oil right now.  I've been using it as a "pre-conditioner" in the salon, I melt anywhere from 2 tablespoons to 1/2 cup of coconut oil (depending on how much i need to really saturate the hair from root to end, then apply it to dry hair.

If you do this at home, you can do it hours before you plan to wash it - I sleep with it in my hair and wash it out with Loreal Professional Delicate Color Sulfate Free Shampoo the next morning. If you're a no-poo-er, I suggest using the Ouidad Cleansing Oil instead.  You can condition your hair as usual, or, for extra awesomeness, follow with an apple cider vinegar rinse  use up to half acv to half water, or try using 2 parts water to 1 part acv.  Let that site for at least 2 minutes, RINSE WELL.  Be SO careful not to get it in your eyes, it burns like a BITCH. It's not harsh on your hair, though - the acidity of the vinegar is actually very gentle on the cuticle helping to close it down as …

Sulfate Free Cleansing for Oily Scalps

Not everyone has success with the DevaCurl No-Poo cleanser, even when they are following the instructions to the letter. It works WONDERS for many people, and has been a life changing, curl embracing love fest for many of my clients. For every dedicated no-poo-er, there is an equally enthusiastic lather-lover.  With many sulfate free and curl friendly cleansers out there, how do you know which method your curls respond best to? Some factors to consider-

Oily Scalp
A no-poo purist would tell you that it doesn't matter if your scalp is oily, and that the no-poo method will work under any circumstances. . Most in possession of said oil bearing scalp would squirm at the thought of not cleansing with the squeaky clean feeling that lather leaves. Some have seen break outs around the hairline area, as well. While it does take a few weeks for your scalp to adjust to not having it's natural oils stripped and then, in return, over producing to compensate, it really, SIMPLY isn't for…

Home Made Flax Seed Hair Gel

My clients have been loving making their own hair gel. Wavy all the way to coarser and tighter curls
have been impressed by the results a few simple ingredients can yield. I suggest watching the video on  youtube before you begin. It will give you a good idea of what the gel will look like when it's ready to be strained. I suggest waiting until the gel is room temperature before adding any oils. Feel free to experiment with essential oil combinations. Try adding a teaspoon of a conditioning carrier oil such as jojoba or grapeseed oil.

Red Color in Various Lighting

Dori is commonly mistaken for a natural redhead.  As a colorist, this is always a great thing to hear. This is her color - indoors, in the shade, and in the direct sunlight. See my PINTEREST BOARD for RED HAIR. I've added keywords in some of the comments that will help you communicate to your stylist what about the specific color you like.

The Skin Boutique: Clarisonic. If you're not using it, shame on you

The Skin Boutique: Clarisonic. If you're not using it, shame on you: read this post by my friend
Alexis, owner of The Skin Boutique, also here in Tampa.  I love my Clarisonic brush, and I absolutely see and feel a difference in my skin since I've started using it.  As you can see my her, um, no-nonsense title, Alexis is pretty serious about communicating the importance of quality products and proper skin care. :DShe took the time to understand what I will ACTUALLY do, ahem, sleep in my makeup even though she tells me not to, and prescribe a product regimen that I can use to keep my skin looking really fresh and glowing. I am a fan of heavier coverage foundations, usually, but for the first time since my early 20's, I can wear absolutely no foundation and my skin tone looks so even - it's pretty awesome.

DIY Flaxseed Hair Gel

The jury is IN. People are LOVING this. I seriously encourage everyone to try it, because even if you decide it's not for you, you've spent less than a dollar to figure that out.

I have a few clients who have been using their own home made flax seed hair gel for a while, and I decided to make a batch at home to see what all of the hype was about. I found this video on youtube, and it's about 5 minutes from start to finish.

1/4 c. whole flax seeds - Hello Omega 3 fatty acids!! Read about the benefits here!
2 cups water
cheesecloth or pantyhose (to strain)
plastic tongs
vitamin e (mild preservative)
a few drops of essential oils of your choice
airtight container

(she mentions that this makes just enough to last her before it goes bad.) Remember, it's TOTALLY FREE of artificial preservatives!  Keep it in the fridge! The girl in the video mentions her supply lasts her about 3 weeks.

How To Make Your Own Flaxseed Hair Gel

This whipped up as easily as the video showed. I sug…

Sample Party 2/13 lineup

Ouidad Curl Recovery Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil

Ouidad Curl Recovery Whipped Curls

Ouidad Salon Series Omega 3 Treatment

Loreal Professional Serie Expert Vitamino Color Masque

Loreal Professional Mythic Oil Nourishing Masque

These are available on a first come, first served basis. One sample of each, per customer.

12 - 7pm @ the studio, & I'll update Facbook and twitter when/if they run out.

Ouidad Curl Recovery Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil

LOVE. This one has me totally psyched, I really adore it already!! The Salon Series  and Now the Curl Recovery Series are taking the product line to another level - luxury! UPDATE 3/2014 - this is my favorite cleanser, I even like it as much as no-poo, and for those of you who aren't in love with the no-poo idea, this stuff is the best! It lasts a long time, and I am seeing amazing results after people start using it.  Approved!!!!!!

"Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil is a foaming, water-activated cleanser with an advanced oil base that gently removes dirt and build-up while restoring essential moisture. Our proprietary CR-4 Repair Complex™ – including nutrient-rich Mafura Butter and Kalahari Melon Seed Oil – envelopes the hair shaft with a cushion-like coating of concentrated fatty acids that are vital to rebuilding, nourishing and protecting hair in need of repair. Silk proteins and coconut oils bind to the cuticle to sustain hydration and resist damage while enhancing body and…

Michael Oher from The Blindside wins the Super Bowl IRL

ouidad volumizing spray

ouidad whipped curls the curl girl

Mythic Oil Bar