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Ouidad Climate Control Frizz and Flyaway Fighter

An extra tool in your arsenal to help fight frizz and flyaway's? Sure. Welcome Ouidad's new Frizz and Flyaway Spray, and lightweight & silky spritz designed to help tame unwanted cuticle related drama while - as Ouidad always does - respecting the curl.

Remember Curlies - this does not mean we can slack off on on feeding our curls the nutritious breakfast of Moisture Lock that they rely on to stay hydrated throughout the day(s). This is a "nice to have"  tool for most. Even for those of you who add it to your "I'd die without it" list,  remember - it's still a finisher, and it probably isn't the only hair care item you should grab when packing for the zombie apocalypse. Moisture Lock is the obv pick for that scenario, for sure.

Q- "But, it has 'cones' in the ingredient list, I thought silicone based ingredients were bad?"

A- As always, Ouidad's cones are 100% water soluble, this means that water alone will rinse them co…

Happy Valentines Day