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kerPLUNK - the art of plunking

While this goes against my "no towel turban" decree, this could be useful in a pinch - minus the drugstore products, of course. This is not a Do Not Rinse friendly tenchnique, rinse out the conditioner from your hair and apply a leave in conditioner like Ouidad Moisture lock, followed by Ouidad Playcurl Foam to replicate this look on waves and swaves - deva's B'leave in booster nourishes hair and amps up curls, paired with arc angel blended with a TINY drop of mirrorcurls and you have a devalicious prescription for coaxing out your natural swaves or waves.

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The Curl Girl Puzzle Cut Method
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DevaSun Dryer - Talk To The Hand

The blow dryer is the arch nemesis of many heads of naturally curly hair - years of incorrect use and products that aren't curl friendly has propagated this thought. Enter the DevaSun dryer. With six times more negative ions than other leading dryers, the Devasun decreases frizz and dramatically increases shine.  I was skeptical of this silly green hand and how I was going to use it!  With air vents on the inside AND outside of the hand it can dry hair at the root and end simultaneously, and those who have typically avoided any other method than air drying (still the best for most types of hair) are embracing what this little gadget can offer them - quicker drying times, pin curl setting, root volume, gentle warm air for curls that will cradle them, not BLOWFRY them. :D  Scared of the green hand?  You can still attach a regular diffuser to the dryer!!

The Curl Girl Tranzitions - Tampa, Florida Ouidad Certified Deva Inspired Self Proclaimed Curl Nerd