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Devacurl Supercream Review, Info,, and Styling Tips

Devacurl launched the new Supercream  in June.  I was slightly hesitant, but I'm really liking it. It has a HEAVENLY coconut scent, but it's not overpowering - not overly tropical and in-your-face. One of my clients said it reminded her of amaretto.

Above pic is the supercream on high density, low porosity 3b type curls. Less is more. I emulsified about a dime size in my hands and then raked, squeezed and scrunched it into medium sized sections on very wet hair.  Final scrunch with a paper towel. About 5 pumps for her whole head. It dried very soft, but with great definition - and it was still good the next morning. 

I've been using it as a leave in, "filler" and then adding gel, but not as much as I usually use with my go to leave in, Ouidad Moisture Lock.  The results are similar, but way less Supercream is needed.

I'll update this with more results and more feedback as I receive it!  So far, so good! I would definitely suggest it for anyone with 2c and above curls.

I am SO lucky to have the nicest and most amazing clients in the world! I get so many curl selfies with feedback about products and styling and how it is working for them.

Here are some screen shots of her own styling with the supercream - round one and two. Once she figured out how much her hair liked it seemed to adjust and show her true curl pattern. She also adjusted the amount of gel she added after. Another note is that she said the supercream was great for smoothing her edges in day two. 

Trying different amount of product and being willing to give time or 5 when styling at home doesn't really take more work per se, but it can be scary to not know what the end result we be. 

This curly bombshell travels all over North America for her job, so it's so fun to see how her curls react to the different climates. (Fun for me, lol, it can be a little tedious for her I'm sure). 


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