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How NOT to choose products

After a rather lengthy diatribe on HOW to choose which cleanser is right for you, here is some food for thought on how NOT to decide which products are right for you......

Other than the " I like it because it smells good" the only statement that makes me feel even more like this:

To foam or not to foam?

I have been struggling with choosing a line- deva or ouidad and wonder what you think! I have very fine waves/swaves and it seems like after a month on strictly deva, my curls look limp and less curly- seem to have better luck with ouidad's cleansers. Is that ok? The curly girl book says not to use shampoos, but I think ouidad's are def gentle! Do you use her cleansers on your clients too? The curls on your page looks so so good! Thanks in advance! :) xoxo (a confused curly!)

Yes! MIX the lines! I almost never prescribe solely from one line unless someone requests I do so. I so need to blog about this bc people ask me this question all of the time. Think of it this way- if only one of them - Deva or Ouidad - was right, one of them would be out of business.

Lorraine Massey of DevaCurl says No to Shampoo

Lorraine is anti sulfate in every sense, she will preach from the highest mountain that NO sulfates are the only way. She calls Shampoo just that, a sham, and poo - hence he…