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Staying Power

These thirsty curls are shown in their natural state, without any product, in the first shot. After adding a Curl Girl prescription to her regimen, she should expect to see the finished results last all day, and possibly into the next - maybe even a day 3 after the proper moisture balance has been restored!

17 months post relaxer

This was one of my most gratifying before and after shots EVER!!  watching her curls come out as we snipped and de-bulked was amazing, and the results were even better than I anticipated. Lots of Devacurl One Condition was left in and then scrunched, then I added Ouidad Hydrafusion Creme. Oh Em Geeee.

Her bottom curls were most likely to tangle/matt, which is why I did slightly larger single strand twists - this will help hold the curls in a twist pattern and prevent them from hooking on to eache other in a less organized way and tangling.