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What to Order From Sephora Online Right Now!

Is your makeup collection in need of a little re-up? Grab some of these great deals from Sephora! It might not be a bad idea to start picking up a few things now, to give as gifts for the holidays!

Benefit Cosmetics Beauty Score

I love Benefit.  The adorable packaging draws you in, the product keeps you coming back for more. Every Benefit product I use,  I've stumbled upon either by receiving a sample or as part of a cute travel size kit. It seems that lots of cosmetics companies are coming out with travel/try-me style kits, and I'm SO FOR IT!!!!  They make it way more affordable to try different products and play with lots of combinations. The Beauty Score is one of the best I've seen in a while - lots of stash for little cash. Just $34 for $88 worth of brightening, bronzing, blushing, concealing, and dew-ey-ness. If you have wanted to see what Benefit is all about, this is the way to find out.

Another Reason Keratin Treatments are Bad for Curly HAir - pt. 26385926

Post keratin and it turned her hair into dry mush. If that's even a thing. I guess it is, because I see if with keratin victims all of the time.  We fixed her all up with Ouidad Cleansing Oil, Curl Qeuncher Condish Moisture Lock leave in, Climate Control Gel and Shine Glaze. Jiggity.

The Curl Girl Florida's Curly Hair Expeet