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Vive Le Volume! Ouidad Playcurl Inspired Set

Curly Pool Party Texture Squad Stylist: The Curl Girl

I'm super excited to be blogging for!  I'm a "texture squad stylist" and will be blogging, tweeting, and posting pics and updates from the nc pool party 2012 in Orlando this coming Saturday!

Curly Pool Party Texture Squad Stylist: The Curl Girl

Hats 2 ways

click on the image below for a full listing of all the products

Hats 2 ways by thecurlgirl featuring a lip liner

Ouidad Hydrafusion Curl Creme Review in Action

This is Ouidad's Hydrafusion Curl Creme on type 3c curls.  She has a generous amount of Deva Care One Condition left in her hair, and some Ouidad  Moisture Lock added before a final pass with the Hydrafusion to finish her style. She sat under a hard top fryer for about 15 minutes and in the video her curls are about 70% dry, the top is still holding some much needed moisture and will dry slowly over the next few hours.

Dip Dye Diva

I did some purple "dip dye" ombré tips on my friend's daughter's hair tonight.

Welcome - Ouidad Styling Cremes

Ouidad Launched New Styling Cremes - Define and Shine Curl Quenching Gel-Creme & Hydrafusion Intense Curl Creme.

Hydrafusion is on the left, and Define and Shine is to the right. These are just sample size pre-release bottles, see the actual packaging below.  

The Hydrafusion is visibly thicker, and formulated with tighter curls in mind.  Showcase ingredient:  Milk Thistle, which has been a popular homeopathic remedy for everything from lowering cholesterol, reducing damaging effects of chemotherapy, and lowering cholesterol levels.  The Milk Thistle was surely sought after by Ouidad for its high linoleic acid content - an essential fatty acid that promotes healthy and strong hair.

Define and Shine Gel Creme is suited for those with looser curl patterns and whose curls are easily weighed down  if too much product it used- s'wavy's, cherubs, silkies, - this might be for you. Showcase ingredient:  Hydrolized Silk Protein is lightweight yet superior at retaining moisture, links…

Clip It - Using clips for volume and finishing

Clipping curls for volume and placement control is an part of many naturally curly hair styling routines.  I use several kinds of clips, the two most frequent are the single prong and duckbill. This is how I explain it to my clients:
"Single Prongs are give the most control and ease of use for a defined of zig zag part, they are also great for defining a bang or fringe area."
"The Duckbills cover the most real estate and are best for the side of the head, and also for a no part style to direct curls up and away from the face."  

Duckbill Clips
                                                                        Single Prong Clips

Up-cycle an Old T-shirt into a Scrunching Towel

A simple t-shirt can provide post-setting scrunching nirvana. Even gentler than a microfiber towel,
t-shirts can give amazing definition to even the limpest of curls.

The Curl Girl - Tampa, Fl

Florida's Curly Hair Expert
Florida's Curly Hair Salon
Ouidad, Devacurl, Jessicurl, and more

DevaCurl Set It Free

Spray on styled curls - on wet for extra hold, on dry to soften cast, tame frizz/flyaways.

Some curlies like to use it as a secondary step in morning refreshing, adding after BB or OcMilk.

Tip: Spray into hands and then scrunch into hair.  Smooth around hairline if necessary.

Beeswax and Olive Oil make this Spray on taming and moisture locking lotion a tad heavy for some curls - if you feel it weighs down your curls, try using less before confirming it's not for you.  Remember, not all products work fabulously on everyone. One person's "changed my life" product, could be another person's "NEXT!!".

The Curl Girl
Tampa, Fl
Florida's Curly Hair Expert
Florida's First Curly Hair Salon

Heat Free Pin Curls - Great for Summer

Heat Free Pin Curls Create Sexy Summer Hair for S'wavy's and Silkies ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

set and air dry hair as usual

creat pin curls on dry hair using varying sized sections

spritz with styling mist and set for 10 minutes +

The Curl Girl

Summer Curl Care - Ouidad Sun Shield

Ouidad Sun Shield - Defend against Wind, Sun, Salt & Chlorine

A favorite all year 'round in Florida,  Ouidad Sun Shield is a great defense against elements that are ever present in our sunny climate. With a texture similar to OC milk, with specially formulated ingredients to keep curls shiny and supple, this spray is a great addition to your beach bag, and possibly your everyday routine. Here's what Ouidad has to say about her product:

"The sun is not only dangerous to your skin but it can also wreak havoc on your hair -causing its color to turn or fade and drying out already thirsty curls. Sun Shield Sun & Sport Leave-in Conditioner protects against sun damage with effective UV blockers, which form an invisible breathable shield to lock out the elements. Spray on prior to sun exposure and any time by the pool or beach when you want to create softer, smoother, shinier curls. 

Also effective against damaging environmental factors like wind, salt and chlorine, Sun Sh…