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Curls Without Damage

I found the HEATCAP  not too long ago.  Watching the video, I became mesmerized.  Pop this big cap in the microwave, heat it up, pop it over your hair that is SET DRY in whatever curler you like, pin curl, roller, rod curler, CURLFORMER!!!, whatever.  Two minutes to steam it in the heatcap, two minutes to cool, then - badass locked in curls.  I wanted to call bullshit almost immediately. But - what if this thing actually worked?  I ordered one - it was either going to be a total flop, or, it would work, and I would be AMAZED.  Guess what? IT WORKS. LIKE A BEAST.  Sure, I could get the same results with a curling iron, but, these curls are totally damage free!!!  Remember, set your hair DRY, I would suggest running some styling lotion through your hair and then spritzing in a setting spray on top of the rollers- like Ouidad Styling Mist or White Sands Liquid Texture.