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Transform Your Curls to Perfection With Pin Curls

Pin curls are a great way to reform your curls, encourage a tighter curl with wavy hair, create voluminous waves, or lock in hot tool curls for days. (not that any of you use hot tools, ever ;) ).

The Curl Girl's Product Picks for Pin Curls:
Tighter or more defined curls for wavy hair - Deva's Set Up and Above
Encourage your curls and give definition to wavy and swavy hair. 
When hair is set with your personal prescription almost dry, apply a dab of Set Up and Above to each section to be pin curled. Wrap each section around your finger and secure with a clip.  Spritz with a setting mist like Ouidad Styling Mist and allow to air dry or hold the Deva Fuser on low/low until dry to speed drying.

To see more pictures of a pin curl set to enhance natural curls, check!! or or 

Do Not Rinse Method

Winter means dry. Dry air, dry hair. Dry air, crazy dry hair for your naturally curly hair, right? If it's not the summer frizz it's the winter dryness we're fighting. As a protective measure leave your conditioner in your hair, or only rinse out a little. This Do Not Rinse method is best done with a lighter hand for silkies and a heavier hand for coarser varieties of curls. When in doubt, rinse out a little and add more before applying styling products if needed.
Devacurls's Heaven in Hair is my CurlGirl Favorite pick. Deva's One Condition is also a good pick, I find the "WOW" factor a little more with the Heaven in Hair, though. Apply One Condition or Heaven in Hair as you normally would, in the shower.  DO NOT RINSE.   Silkies may prefer to only leave a dab of conditioner in and follow up with Ouidad's moisture lock leave in conditioner. Add the size of 2 peas, rub in hand vigorously, and scrunch through wet hair before you begin your styli…