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Picture Perfect Curls 2 - Pump up the VOLUME

Volume is a word I use vewy vewy carefully with curlies, as the mere thought usually conjures up images of frizz and uncontrollable hair. For those with finer hair, less density,  wavy, s'wavy or, what I call Silkies (which can come in almost any type of curl) volume is not the equated with the f-word as readily. How do the volume-challenged curlies keep their curls from going flat on top? Here are a few hints from The Curl Girl.

When styling, USE THE CLIPS - this DevaCurl video demonstrates a no-fuss root-lift clip application.

Picture Perfect Curls 1

 Check yourself before you wreck yourself. You get out of your curls what you put in, and if your feeding  them crap, it will show. Make sure you are using either a no-poo cleanser or a high quality, Curl Girl Approved cleanser that does NOT contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Look for sodiumlaurethsulfate if your curls respond better to a sudsy cleanse even over options that are sulfate free. This is one of the most important parts of the equation for healthy curls.
Using harsh detergent cleansers can prevent any other products from performing as they were
intended to. Read: don't wash  your hair with Suave and complain that your Climate Control isn't defining your curls. It can take a few tries to find the cleansing routine that your curls respond to best, but now that you know what you're looking for, and have a few quality options, the "try and see" routine should be far less overwhelming than ever before.  We have trial size bottles of  Deva and Ouidad cleansers,…

New To Embracing Your Curls?

Did you just finally  give up on the old ball and chain flat iron? Good!  Don't know where to start? Try a copy of The Curly Girl Handbook, by Lorraine Massey - the queen of DevaCurl and also check out my Youtube Channel Curl University to see any styling videos that might help you begin your journey.  Stop in to the salon and pick up the CG handbook and trial kits of Deva OR Ouidad (i like to mix and match between the 2 lines) or find Ouidad at Sephora if you don't have a salon near you.   After the jump, there is a generic product prescription in order of application that should yield great results on all (most) curls. If you are swavy, or ever feel like your scalp gets oily after 2 days or less, or just don't like the feel of a no-poo, replace the no-poo with Ouidad Sulfate Free Cleanser. See the product's respective website for application instructions.

Ouidad Launches Sulfate Free Shampoo

Ouidad released her newest products last week, a sulfate free "defrizzing" shampoo and conditioner!  The conditioner is thick and luxurious, and will surely be a new favorite for naturally curly girls in Tampa, Florida and beyond!  If you don't care for the heavier "no-poo" option, but feel other shampoo's are drying to your curls, try a bottle and see for yourself if this might be the solution your curls have been searching for! 

xoxo The Curl Girl
Florida's Curl Expert

How NOT to choose products

After a rather lengthy diatribe on HOW to choose which cleanser is right for you, here is some food for thought on how NOT to decide which products are right for you......

Other than the " I like it because it smells good" the only statement that makes me feel even more like this:

To foam or not to foam?

I have been struggling with choosing a line- deva or ouidad and wonder what you think! I have very fine waves/swaves and it seems like after a month on strictly deva, my curls look limp and less curly- seem to have better luck with ouidad's cleansers. Is that ok? The curly girl book says not to use shampoos, but I think ouidad's are def gentle! Do you use her cleansers on your clients too? The curls on your page looks so so good! Thanks in advance! :) xoxo (a confused curly!)

Yes! MIX the lines! I almost never prescribe solely from one line unless someone requests I do so. I so need to blog about this bc people ask me this question all of the time. Think of it this way- if only one of them - Deva or Ouidad - was right, one of them would be out of business.

Lorraine Massey of DevaCurl says No to Shampoo

Lorraine is anti sulfate in every sense, she will preach from the highest mountain that NO sulfates are the only way. She calls Shampoo just that, a sham, and poo - hence he…

kerPLUNK - the art of plunking

While this goes against my "no towel turban" decree, this could be useful in a pinch - minus the drugstore products, of course. This is not a Do Not Rinse friendly tenchnique, rinse out the conditioner from your hair and apply a leave in conditioner like Ouidad Moisture lock, followed by Ouidad Playcurl Foam to replicate this look on waves and swaves - deva's B'leave in booster nourishes hair and amps up curls, paired with arc angel blended with a TINY drop of mirrorcurls and you have a devalicious prescription for coaxing out your natural swaves or waves.

The Curl Girl - Florida's Curly Hair Expert
Tampa, Florida
Ouidad Certified
Deva Inspired

The Curl Girl Puzzle Cut Method
Self Proclaimed Curl Nerd

DevaSun Dryer - Talk To The Hand

The blow dryer is the arch nemesis of many heads of naturally curly hair - years of incorrect use and products that aren't curl friendly has propagated this thought. Enter the DevaSun dryer. With six times more negative ions than other leading dryers, the Devasun decreases frizz and dramatically increases shine.  I was skeptical of this silly green hand and how I was going to use it!  With air vents on the inside AND outside of the hand it can dry hair at the root and end simultaneously, and those who have typically avoided any other method than air drying (still the best for most types of hair) are embracing what this little gadget can offer them - quicker drying times, pin curl setting, root volume, gentle warm air for curls that will cradle them, not BLOWFRY them. :D  Scared of the green hand?  You can still attach a regular diffuser to the dryer!!

The Curl Girl Tranzitions - Tampa, Florida Ouidad Certified Deva Inspired Self Proclaimed Curl Nerd

Transform Your Curls to Perfection With Pin Curls

Pin curls are a great way to reform your curls, encourage a tighter curl with wavy hair, create voluminous waves, or lock in hot tool curls for days. (not that any of you use hot tools, ever ;) ).

The Curl Girl's Product Picks for Pin Curls:
Tighter or more defined curls for wavy hair - Deva's Set Up and Above
Encourage your curls and give definition to wavy and swavy hair. 
When hair is set with your personal prescription almost dry, apply a dab of Set Up and Above to each section to be pin curled. Wrap each section around your finger and secure with a clip.  Spritz with a setting mist like Ouidad Styling Mist and allow to air dry or hold the Deva Fuser on low/low until dry to speed drying.

To see more pictures of a pin curl set to enhance natural curls, check!! or or 

Do Not Rinse Method

Winter means dry. Dry air, dry hair. Dry air, crazy dry hair for your naturally curly hair, right? If it's not the summer frizz it's the winter dryness we're fighting. As a protective measure leave your conditioner in your hair, or only rinse out a little. This Do Not Rinse method is best done with a lighter hand for silkies and a heavier hand for coarser varieties of curls. When in doubt, rinse out a little and add more before applying styling products if needed.
Devacurls's Heaven in Hair is my CurlGirl Favorite pick. Deva's One Condition is also a good pick, I find the "WOW" factor a little more with the Heaven in Hair, though. Apply One Condition or Heaven in Hair as you normally would, in the shower.  DO NOT RINSE.   Silkies may prefer to only leave a dab of conditioner in and follow up with Ouidad's moisture lock leave in conditioner. Add the size of 2 peas, rub in hand vigorously, and scrunch through wet hair before you begin your styli…