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Curly Hair Before and After Pics (my work)

I've been bad about uploading lots of pictures lately - so, here are more!  I will also add them on Facebook.
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These Five Foods Can Keep Your Hair From Growing

Naturally posts the obvious (or is it) - avoid these 5 foods for maximum hair growth - and maximum health. None of these are shockers, but it's still a good reminder. Avoid these 5 foods in general, as much as possible. 

Five Foods That Keep Hair From Growing

Cold Weather Treats for Curly Hair

When the weather is cold, and the humidity is low, humectants like glycerin can actually do the opposite of their intended use and cause dryness. A humectant draws moisture from the air, but when there is so little moisture in the air, it can actually draw moisture out of the hair and have a drying effect. I like Jessicurl and her Too Shea Conditioner and Deep Conditioning Treatment for cold weather hair dry - awfulness prevention - and also for LOW POROSITY HAIR in any climate, even with higher humidity. My usual faves, like DevaCare One Condition and Ouidad Moisture Lock are Glycerin heavy, but usually work well - even low porosity hair  - in our humid climate here in Florida. I live in a veritable sauna. Bible.

As always, you'll need to try them for yourself to see which works best for you!  Some of my low porosity clients have told me they use different products depending on the humidity. This is a small step to take to ensure a day (or 2, or 3) of happy curls.

A humidifier …

Ouidad Superfruit Renewal Sulfate Free Clarifying Creme

Brand new from Ouidad, Superfruit Renewal is the first sulfate free cleansing creme dubbed as a clarifier.  It smells divine, has a rich lather. Is this ok for your curls?  As always, do your homework and decide for yourself!!! I've included the ingredient list below. As with any formulation that includes water, this product does include a preservative(s) to extend the shelf life and prevent bacteria. I have highlighted and linked the preservatives in red, to some information about them. Some people feel most comfortable when they are synthetic preservative free, and that is FINE!!!   Preservatives are used in very small concentrations, usually 1-2% or less, but only you can decide your comfort level. I would take this ingredient list over many of the harsher clarifying shampoos containing full on sulfates and parabens that are on the market today. For those of you who are wary, a good old baking soda wash or apple cider vinegar rinse should do the trick.

The below is a grab from …

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