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Orange is the New Red.

Color Shield Oil Recipe

Planning a day outside in the summer sun?  Loading up curls with a leave in before you head out in helps keep them soft and tangle free. Try adding some natural oils to your leave in regimen to make it even more effective!

Mix these items the night before.  Add a tsp. The Red Raspberry oil to the dose of conditioner -it has UV protecting properties, which can help keep your color from fading or turning brassy. In a separate container, add a tsp. of Cucumber Seed Oil to a "serving" of your regular conditoner. Pop it in the fridge to chill. Cucumber Seed Oil has soothing and regenerative properties, it will feel amazing on a sun kissed scalp!

When you return inside for the evening, cleanse your curls and massage the chilled conditioner into your curls and scalp. Rinse out or leave in. Style as usual.