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Satin Sleep Bonnet

Hot, huh? Nothing says "come get me, tiger!" like a sleep bonnet, now does it? Maybe it's not the hottest look, but this could come in handy for once-in-a-while nights when you really have NO time in the morning, business trips, etc. The satin will keep your curls from getting frizzy, matted and/or tangled, as well as help preserve your style.

Curls Without Damage

I found the HEATCAP  not too long ago.  Watching the video, I became mesmerized.  Pop this big cap in the microwave, heat it up, pop it over your hair that is SET DRY in whatever curler you like, pin curl, roller, rod curler, CURLFORMER!!!, whatever.  Two minutes to steam it in the heatcap, two minutes to cool, then - badass locked in curls.  I wanted to call bullshit almost immediately. But - what if this thing actually worked?  I ordered one - it was either going to be a total flop, or, it would work, and I would be AMAZED.  Guess what? IT WORKS. LIKE A BEAST.  Sure, I could get the same results with a curling iron, but, these curls are totally damage free!!!  Remember, set your hair DRY, I would suggest running some styling lotion through your hair and then spritzing in a setting spray on top of the rollers- like Ouidad Styling Mist or White Sands Liquid Texture.

Is It Bad to Flat Iron My Curls?

Yes. No. ....what???  Tired of conflicting advice about flat irons?  How often is safe?  What kind should I use?  etc?

Iron Clothes Not Curls, says my Ouidad t-shirt and tote bag.  As a professional stylist specializing in curly hair, I must admit that the Ouidad slogan is cute, catchy, and to the point. Intense heat, like that of a flat iron, can weaken your curl pattern, and can, in essence, become relaxer - forever changing the life of your curls. Think: you won't see your actual curl pattern again until your hair grows out.  I see this fairly often. Clients wanting to wear their hair curly, but their natural curl pattern has been ravaged by flat iron abuse leaving them a few inches of lovely curls and a few inches of lifeless locks. READ more after the jump...

Satin Pillowcases - A Curl's Best Friend

Can sleeping on a satin pillowcase change your life?  Probably not. Can it reduce stress on your hair, help it retain moisture and prevent breakage? YES.  Traditional cotton pillowcases are still just that - cotton.  Cotton's rough fibers absorbs moisture and can wick precious moisture from vulnerable curly hair. Hair glides effortlessly across smooth satin which has no "catch" factor to to snag delicate hair, preventing tangles, knots and frizz.