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Sugarmamma Bath & Body - by The Curl Girl

Home Made delicious bath and body products with the skin nourishing ingredients that will leave your skin feeling soft - and smelling DELICIOUS!!! Sugarmamma - Treat Yourself!!

Product will be available for purchase in August - to stay in the loop and receive special offers, like Sugarmamma on Facebook. Curly Pool Party

I had an amazing time at's Curly Pool Party!  Thank you so much, nc!  It was so much fun to be a Texture Squad Stylist and part of this event!

 I got to hang with Cassidy Blackwell, the Global Editor and the awesomeness behind one of the best named blogs ever, Natural Selection. She's completely adorable and I'm obsessed with her hair. Obsessed. Seriously. It makes me want to do rockstar 4a,b,and c curls. Her color is amazing. And, she was all like "It's wash and go." Just One Condition and Heaven in Hair. I felt like one of those cartoons where the character dramatically jaw drops and then picks their bottom lip off the floor and rolls it back up to their mouth.

I also got to hang with Michelle Breyer, co-founder of!!!!! The O.G of naturallycurly, and she knew who I was.  If that's being cornball, I don't want to be cool. She grew a little startup brainchild into a ridiculously badass company that empowers curl…