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Confessions of a Product Junkie

Product Junkie - sometimes it means someone on the never ending hunt for something that works. For Gail,  I don't see it that way.  Not at all.  After years of straightening and relaxing, she found the real deal results curl products that work. Ouidad, Deva, others from cm. (Ouidad and Deva are her main 2, for sure.)  And, when I say she dabbles in product, I am not kidding. She tries it all, different layers, a pump of this, a dab of that, scrunch now, scrunch after, with a microfiber, with an old t-shirt, and with a paper towel - until she finds curl utopia. And all of this can go out the window and change within a few weeks with the weather, or with her mood. She truly enjoys feeding her curls, watching them sit in all of their defined glory, and knowing that when she tries new products that they will work - somehow, some way, even if they work just so on one curl every 3rd Tuesday.  A woman after my own heart.  My name is Jennifer, and I too, am a Product Junkie.  I get awesom…

New DevaCurl Styling Creme Launches With Fantastic Results

I set it on my station, stared at it, and wondered how much of a headache it would be to figure this stuff out. When it comes to curly hair styling product application, I have it down to a neurotic art form.  Usually, a 4 layer process that will make curls healthier over time as well as keep them defined and frizz free for 2-4 days (depending on curl type). And, everyone's recipe is customized for their specific curls and lifestyle.

As excited as I am that curlies have a new product to play with from a tried a true "results" company like Deva, I really don't g.a.f what it SAYS it will do on the side of the bottle, I need to SEE what it does, how it works - does it blend with my favorite leave in conditioner? Can it stand alone without the use of a gel or foam to keep frizz at bay for the day? For 2 days? Longer? Does it flake? Does it...........fffffffffffffff.

I do love Deva products, I love the smell of the DevaCare (white labels vs. green) that remind me of a del…