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These are my Go to Clips for volume

Black Orchid diffuser
I was amazed at the price of this (so inexpensive). I was even more amazed at how well it works, and how beautifully it's packaged. You can rack up quite a tab when you're acquiring all the things for curls, and having this price point with this quality as an option is hella legit. 

Lollipop Style Dryer Diffuser - if you want it from amazon

Bedhead Curlipop Diffuser

Deep dish diffuser
this has been my ride or die since 2009. 

Shower Filter might change your life
if you don't own a shower filter, please get one right meow. it can remove almost all of the chlorine and all of the other minerals out of your water before it hits your hair. if you don't see a difference after using it, i mean, you will. you just will. Why are you still even reading this? 

Best Spray Gel for WAVY/SWAVY hair
if you are looking to help encourage your curls, you know the struggle is oh, so real. this stuff works. like, really works. it will dry…