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Picture Perfect Curls 1

 Check yourself before you wreck yourself. You get out of your curls what you put in, and if your feeding  them crap, it will show. Make sure you are using either a no-poo cleanser or a high quality, Curl Girl Approved cleanser that does NOT contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Look for sodiumlaurethsulfate if your curls respond better to a sudsy cleanse even over options that are sulfate free. This is one of the most important parts of the equation for healthy curls.
Using harsh detergent cleansers can prevent any other products from performing as they were
intended to. Read: don't wash  your hair with Suave and complain that your Climate Control isn't defining your curls. It can take a few tries to find the cleansing routine that your curls respond to best, but now that you know what you're looking for, and have a few quality options, the "try and see" routine should be far less overwhelming than ever before.  We have trial size bottles of  Deva and Ouidad cleansers,…