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Confessions of a Product Junkie

Product Junkie - sometimes it means someone on the never ending hunt for something that works. For Gail,  I don't see it that way.  Not at all.  After years of straightening and relaxing, she found the real deal results curl products that work. Ouidad, Deva, others from cm. (Ouidad and Deva are her main 2, for sure.)  And, when I say she dabbles in product, I am not kidding. She tries it all, different layers, a pump of this, a dab of that, scrunch now, scrunch after, with a microfiber, with an old t-shirt, and with a paper towel - until she finds curl utopia. And all of this can go out the window and change within a few weeks with the weather, or with her mood. She truly enjoys feeding her curls, watching them sit in all of their defined glory, and knowing that when she tries new products that they will work - somehow, some way, even if they work just so on one curl every 3rd Tuesday.  A woman after my own heart.  My name is Jennifer, and I too, am a Product Junkie.  I get awesome emails from Gail, telling me what she's using, when, and how - and I am finally going to start sharing them with you. Enjoy - and thank you Gail, for embracing your curls and being a role model curly. Love you xoxoxo
most of you recognize this picture from my facebook page, this lovely curl belongs to Gail :D

"my formula: wash once a week with NO Poo. ALL other days rinse and use OC. Rinse it ALL out. Squeeze out water and use a towel to scrunch the rest, Do my makeup. THEN HAIR. One pump of Moisture Lock. Run through hair like i was putting it in a ponytail. One pump of Climate COntrol & Shine. Scrunch on the ends. One Pump of Deva Cream. run through like ponytail and scrunch. Five Pumps of Foam and scrunch all over. Let dry for about 1.5 hours or so and then scrunch. SOFT, SHINY and BOUNCY all day. 2nd hair is better but I don't really like second hair so much if i am going someplace, IF I am not doing anything special then I go with second day and maybe third. NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. I'm considering dropping Moisture Lock and CC one or two days to see what the results will be with just the Deva. I like to change it up. BUt I LOVE that cream and foam. I don't use ARC or Believe In or Mister Right or the other spray leave in. My second day will be cream and their new spray gel which seems to go nicely mixed."


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Because for MOST types of curly hair, using keratin treatments results in a very confused and damaged looking head of hair. I didn't even do her color - she's just detoxed and hydrated and cut correctly for how she wants to wear her hair. 
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