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FAQ's and Policies

Hi!  If you're new to The Curl Girl, Welcome! If you're a returning curly, welcome back!  Please take the time to read the information below - it will answer almost any question you have about booking an appointment with me.

My clientele is 100% curly (minus some family and close friends), so, I'm constantly working  to create the best possible environment to make sure the experience you have while you are receiving your services is the best it can be!!

Where are you located?
The Curl Girl 
15241 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa Fl 33618 at Sola Salons.
Please take time to map out your route prior to your visit if you are coming from a distance, and allow yourself an additional 15-30 minutes if you are unfamiliar with the area.

When are you open?
We are open by appointment only wednesday and thursday from 11:am - 8 pm
                                                  friday 10 a.m -5 p.m
                                                  saturday 10 a.m -4 p.m

We carry Ouidad and Devacurl

I am available for services Wednesday thru Saturday ONLY. :D

What do I need to know about booking an appointment?
Can I schedule a consultation?
Services other than a corrective color don't usually require a pre-consult, as I do a full consultation at the time of the appointment. If you would like more information about styling (a lesson) or which products would be best for you (a product prescription), please feel free to book a styling session (if you're gun-shy and want to take a test-drive in my chair) - or a Curl University session - we'll talk curl geekery, go over lots of info, and discuss options for your specific hair needs.

Those receiving a corrective color need to schedule a consultation before their appointment - please email me to do so. Consultations for corrective color are 15 minutes and at no charge to you. They give me a chance to assess your hair's condition and determine what processes will best help you achieve your desired look.  Sometimes a color correction can be accomplished in 1 visit - some take several visits to achieve the desired look without severely compromising the integrity of the hair.

What types of hair do you work with?
The curls that respond best to my work are types 2 a/b/c, 3 a/b/c - please click HERE to double check your hair type if you are unsure.

I have very long hair / extra thick hair, will you charge extra?
The length of your hair doesn't usually make too much of a difference, but the thickness does. If your
hair is extremely thick, it will usually take a little longer to complete your service. When in doubt, snap a picture of your hair and email it to me @ to make sure before you book.  Doing this will ensure you will be able to receive the service you desire at your scheduled appointment time, and minimize the chance of having to reschedule your appointment to make sure we have adequate time to take care of you and give you the best possible service.

If your hair is very  long, or very thick, and you are receiving color services, you will be charged for any additional/extra product used. This will be discussed before color is applied so you are fully aware of any additional charges.

Which Service Should I book?

Booking online is simple, quick and the most convenient way to schedule an appointment.
give it a try!

Cuts - all cuts include a complimentary style. Drying time is not included in the time allotted, and takes anywhere from 15-45 minutes additional (or more). We stagger our appointments, so while you are drying someone else will be receiving another service. Please wait patiently during this time - have a glass of wine, peruse a magazine, or bring  your favorite book. It is not uncommon for a guest to be at the salon for 2 hours during their first visit. Lots of curly's are out in 60-75 minutes, depending on drying time, but

Colors- Please refer to  these guidelines/terms when booking color (when in doubt, call or email me to ensure we will be able to complete the service you desire in the allotted time).

Base Touch up, New Client : you have not had color with me before.(even if you have had a cut). Base/roots (up to 2 inches of regrowth) are touched up to match existing color. Color on the ends can be refreshed for an additional charge.

Base touch up - established client: you've had color with me in the past few months, and just need a touch up of the roots and possibly the ends.

Single Process: 1 color - the same as current color OR darker applied from root to end, no foils, etc.
                           Going lighter is either a corrective color situation or a dimensional color/highlighting

Corrective Color: (can't be booked online, requires a pre-service consultation) Color correction includes any of the following:
1.making previously colored hair LIGHTER.
2.creating an even/solid color when banding from multiple colors exist. (unless you want  to be as dark as
   the darkest band of color)
3.changing the tone of existing color applied by another salon/at home (too brassy/warm/ashy/muddy) even
   if it's a minor tweak, it's better to check with me first to make sure your service is properly booked.

I require a consultation prior to any corrective color service so I can determine the length of time the service will take, how many visits it will take, etc.  Please email me directly to schedule a consultation.

do not offer a lower price for kids. This is non-negotiable. Working with kids can take the same amount of time as any other haircut (sometimes more) - and we all know that time is money, right?

Kids must be willing and able to have their  hair washed at the salon sink, sit still for at least 30 minutes for a cut and be willing to sit for drying (or leave wet). Parents need to stay with their child during the service.

Appointment Policies

To help ensure everyone has a great visit at The Curl Girl, please read the appointment policies below.

******Appointment Policies***********

APPOINTMENTS 15 Minutes LATE or MORE  forfeit their appointment time.  Arriving late will cut into the quality of your service and also have a domino effect on other guests.  Please be considerate of everyone by allowing yourself 30 minutes of extra time if this is your first time coming to our salon and you are not familiar with the area.


We are inside Sola Salons, conveniently located in the North Pointe Plaza near Publix and Wal Mart - in the Carrollwood Section of Tampa.

How to wear your hair to the appointment, for Cut OR Color-

1. Please arrive on time with hair curly, dry and free of tangles - I need to assess your hair in it's curly state to give you a proper consultation. Curls that are heavily tangled/take longer than a few minutes to detangle need to be detangled at home before coming to the salon so your scheduled service can be completed in the time allotted. Excessive tangles/matting may incur additional charges or cause the appointment to be rescheduled.

2. Please make sure your curls are clean - they can certainly be styled with products, but I shouldn't have to wash your hair to remove excess build up from products to see your true curls. Day 1 or 2 hair is ideal in most cases. This is especially important for color clients and new clients.

Friends and Family - Can they come and watch?
Your service will be  provided in a private room that is not large enough to accommodate additional guests, the exception being parents of younger children. All guests will be asked to wait in the salon's general waiting area.  Having guests in the service room can be distracting to the stylist.

My hair is jacked -  can you fix it?
Define "jacked".....
If it's a cut, email me a pic, along with a pic of your goal and i'll let you know if it's possible - or if you should wait for some new growth.

If it's the color that's the problem, snap a few pics of it in the daylight and email them to me
@ along with the following info:

Who did it (you or a salon). when was it done?  what other things have you done to it in the past 3 years   -relaxer, keratin, additional color, i.e, if you dyed your naturally brown hair platinum blonde with lots of highlights for years, then dyed it black, it would be unrealistic - and tragic  for your hair - to go back to a platinum blonde in 1 visit.

Based on this information i may or may not need to schedule a consultation. (most likely, i will). I'll be in touch and we can either schedule a consultation or I might be able to book you based on the information you've provided.  Corrective color can cost upwards of $200, and your hair will need a treatment between each step of the process to help maintain it's integrity. This is usually a 3+ hour process. Don't worry, it's it's a quick fix, I'll tell you that, too!!!

I can't make relaxed hair curly again - ever - no exceptions.
I probably can't make hair that has been treated with keratin and flat ironed multiple time curly again - without cutting most of the affected area off.
Severe flat ironing damage can also be irreversible.
I can't (well, won't) make your curly hair straight - if you would like to receive a relaxer or a keratin, I would be happy to refer you to another stylist who specializes in those services.
My services bring out the best in your natural curl, and they will not make your hair curlier (beyond giving great definition) - see my portfolio of before and after pictures for a visual.


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